Best Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Best Lingerie for Plus Size Women

Finding the best lingerie for plus size women shouldn’t be a hassle. These few guidelines will help you find the perfect lingerie to make you feel extra sexy in your own skin.

plus size model blog post
plus size model blog post

Your Lingerie should:

  • Provide enough support
  • Be made of comfortable fabrics, that are breathable, soft and high quality
  • Hug your curves
  • Make you fall in love with yourself again


  • Rely on adjustable straps to create comfort
  • Cover up your bust line, embrace it
  • Limit yourself to nudes, black and white coloured lingerie

When life throws you curves, embrace them! Plus size women should not feel ashamed to show off their figures. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and once you accept the skin you are in, you are bound to feel undeniably happy. Use lingerie as a means of expressing how you feel about yourself, you’d be surprised what a simple dress or lace bra set can do by making you feel 10 times better about yourself!

Top Choices of Lingerie

Teddies | Gowns | Bra Sets | Garters and Belts

Plus Size Women

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