What your lingerie says about you

What your lingerie says about you

Yes lingerie speaks ...

elegant black lace hanging neck babydoll
halter lace white bra set
red flirty lace babydoll
exquisite blue lace bra set

What does it say about you?

The colour and the style of the lingerie you choose to wear can say a lot about your personality and how you view yourself.


RED lingerie shows you are very passionate and full of energy. You can be dramatic when it is necessary and it proves you know how to give pleasure in the bedroom.

BLACK lingerie indicates you are practical and very low maintenance. You tend to wear the pants in your relationships and don’t necessarily wear your emotions on your sleeve; however you can be confident and sophisticated.

BLUE lingerie shows how you don’t follow trends and are comfortable standing out in a crowd. You can be fun and playful in the bedroom but when the time calls for it you can be serious.

WHITE lingerie proves you are confident in your own skin. You are very honest, humble and closely intouch with your emotions.


UNLINED WIRE bras shows you are transparent and not fussy about many things in your life. You prefer a natural look and have a very simplistic outlook on life.

T-SHIRT bras shows you are practical and reasonable when it comes to your life choices. You are an easy-going, non-complicated person.

MATCHING bra and panty sets indicate that you are the type of person who has a place for everything in your life. You are a planner, organised and have a structured rather than a care free outlook on life.

BIKINI panties are your way of showing that you are a minimalist and aren’t caught up in the latest trends and fashion. You are one who loves comfort.

HIPSTER panties show you have a cheeky side to your personality. You can be flirty when you see fit but comfort is key.

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