The sexiest underwear for women 2021

The sexiest underwear for women 2021

Known for our exquisite taste in lingerie, we open the bottom drawer and give you the lowdown on what hugs your bum in 2021. These are what we think is The sexiest underwear for women 2021!

This year we are voting for less is more – and our customers seem to agree. We are welcoming sexy open bum and crotchless panties this season. Beautifully designed, with all the satin and lace trimmings, and barely-there feel.

But, let’s unpack the bottom drawer and take a look at what is out there and what we find hot and not so hot. Find the perfect pair while keeping comfortable – underwear to suit that that sexy body-hugging dress, without going commando. Or that dreaded VPL (visible panty line), when wearing that breezy little number or those flowing palazzo pants.

Thankfully there are a ton of seamless solutions that wont break the bank and still keep you feeling as sexy and as sassy as you choose. We all know that sexy is a state of mind and nothing should take from that, regardless if you choose to go commando or wear the most sensible pair of knickers out there. It’s all about personal choice. We at Romantix make it our business to remind you and ourselves that sexy is as imperative as a pulse.

What We Love

Straps and crotchless panties have hit the shelves – a dash of leather, zips and open bum are the rage and just yell, “look at me”!

Different designs and personal choices ooze your own sex appeal.

Open Bum Underwear

The open bum, is the new G-string, without that skinny piece that needs adjusting. Flattering and sexy. Some styles tie up at the back with satin bows. others are strappy and some leave very little to the imagination. But know, they are so very sexy to wear. Once you have worn a pair of open bum panties, well there is no turning back.
These are by far our most popular choice this 2021 and are often the first choice by women and women.

Crotchless Panties

Forget the breezy commando feel. Crotchless panties are the new euphoria in sexy undies. But what is “crotch-less” anyway? It is the unbelievably, instantly sexy, feeling you get with every step you take. The moments of titillation as you take on the day or night.

Not quite what you would think in terms of ENTER ME HERE! or easy access. The silky folds of lace over the entrance, like to be teased open or the simple opening in the crotch leave you breathless with breezy anticipation.

These have become increasingly popular for those quickies around the house. Feel like you are the Russian spy concealing a gadget within these mysterious panties or a black widow ensnaring her man in a web of lace.

You are extreme and daring.

The Thong

The thong is not quite a G-string, but the next best thing with a bit more material that let’s you adjust how you wear them. Comfy under your classic jeans or that flowing skirt. These are a classic.


The G-string has been around covering bits for ages, and always seen as, “the” sexy of panties. They are sexy, no two ways about that. Barely there feeling, providing the least amount of coverage, and a very thin thong; low rise and only just covering the front bits.

Basic Bikini Panties

Leading the way in sensible comfort, these are similar to a brief, a little less coverage and a lower rise and higher leg. The bikini is stylised to mirror the your bikini bottoms, the wear everywhere, including the gym. No Granny panty lines and no riding like a thong.

Cha-Cha Cheeky

AKA, Boy Shorts. Similar to the bikini, cheeky styles show off a bit more cheeky bum, without that riding feel of briefs. Most styles have a wider hip band which prevents any panty lines.

Seriously, don’t skimp on sexy. Choose a stretchy lace that hugs and keeps all those wonderful bits in place.

French Cut

The French are known for their sexy. The “French Cut”, well, wavers on the brink of uncomfortable and completely unflattering. High waisted, and slightly higher cut leg. Beyond that, save them for the bottom drawer. And, don’t be swayed by, French. I honestly don’t think the French are happy about being associated to such… well, such knickers!

Hippy Hipster

This is a combination of the bikini and the boy shorts. Sitting low on the hips with a wider waistband, showing off some cheek. these are incredibly sexy if you feel like a bit more coverage, but still want that sexy feel. Hipsters are what would be regarded as, “sensible” panties. however come in a range of beautiful lace and sexy trimmings. Remember, don’t skimp on sexy!

Hit the High- Waisted

High waisted jeans and swimwear have become more popular in recent times – and with them the high waisted underwear! Nice under delicate fabrics or a slip dress.

High-waisted underwear are a firm favourite in our draw and are especially popular amongst the plus size lingerie choices. Choose delicate lace to add a little sexy appeal.

Not to be shrugged off in terms of sexy. We have some sublime high waisted panties, complete with suspenders and a deep V at the back, that scream, SEXY.

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